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About Paul's Kitchen

Our Mission:


Providing our clients with a memorable experience along with satisfying their appetite. 


Our Vision:


To bring people together to create an unforgettable food experience. 

Chef Paul Dickens

Great food, Good Music, and a Nice Cocktail are the key essentials when it comes to describing Chef Paul. Raised in Indy, Chef Paul has been making a name for himself around the Circle City. 


From Sunday Dinner’s at Granny Annie’s, Backyard BBQ over Uncle June’s, or the daily meals with Momma Nae, food has always been a big factor growing up. Upon completing his culinary program, Paul decided to jump out on faith and share his newfound talent and love for food with the world. 


Being in an industry that’s always growing and impossible to stay one step ahead, Chef Paul describes himself as a “Freestyle Chef.” Never putting himself in a box, he thrives on taking good Ol’ American Classics and kicking it up a notch.


Erien Dickens

Erien Dickens is obsessed with the customer experience, and rightfully so.  As COO and Co-Owner of Chef Paul's Kitchen, and the other half of this uniquely local family-run business, the lifelong Hoosier specializes in creating  moments, and a deep mastery of her craft; serving others and providing great customer service. At her core are nearly two decades of customer service, a knack for ambiance, and a need to see the customer's smile.

Erien received a B.S. from Indiana University in 2010 and a Master’s Degree in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2013, but she's not afraid to roll up her sleeves, put on an apron or a chef's coat and get her hands dirty in the kitchen.

Erien Headshot.JPEG

Exceeded Our Expectations

"I arranged a private dinner with Chef Paul in our home to surprise my girlfriend. From the initial contact Chef Paul and Erien were eager to arrange a special night for us that was tailored to our taste. I told them I would love for us to be involved in cooking, and they exceeded our expectations. Chef Paul took time in every course (we had 4) to allow us to be a part of it. Not only was it a romantic and fun date night - we learned a lot throughout the experience. He gave us several tips and tricks to use while cooking in our own kitchen! The food he cooked, with our help, was high-end restaurant quality. It was not the kind of meal and presentation I would have thought I could produce in my home kitchen, but now I know I can! The experience was great, but Chef Paul’s attention to detail and personal touch made it unforgettable. We highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a unique and fun date night! "

Morgan + Courtney

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