Flavor on a plate

"It's a joyful feeling to sit back and watch people actually enjoy something that you put your love into."


Paul Dickens Jr., President and Executive Chef 

Erien Dickens, CEO


"To me cooking is therapeutic..."

Rose Roosevelt

"Thank you for the great food you provided to our Emergency room team. Your professionalism was outstanding. Your brownies were to die for. I will recommend you for every and all occasions. YOU ROCK!"


Montray McGee

"Paul, the food was excellent!  I especially liked how the presentation was displayed. I watch alot of reality cooking shows, but I was impressed to meet an actual chef. I believe that you will go far in this business, because you seem to have the style and passion that I see on tv. Good luck and GOD bless! Thanks Again."


"I had one of Paul's seafood boil and it was soooo good! Seasoning was perfect. I definitely will be ordering something again real soon. Thanks again!"

Catering (small events)

Relax and enjoy your next gathering or party!


Whether for 10, 25 or 50, instead of being in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, let Chef Paul handle it all! *Menu planning, shop, prepare, serve, and clean up included.


*Please include the date, location, preferred menu, event type, number of attendees and budget when inquiring about catering services. All clients are responsible for the cost of groceries. Travel and/or lodging  for out-of- town events must be compensated by the client.

View catering menu here.

Personal & Private Services


In-Home Private Dinners
Cancel your reservations. Be served in your own home.

Enjoy a fabulous meal in your own home! Whether it's an anniversary dinner or a small family gathering, you and your guest(s) are able to enjoy an intimate privé dinner while being catered to at home. You'll come home to a sparkling kitchen and your home filled with the aroma of freshly prepared foods.


Meal Plans - Meals ready when you are

Preparation's a breeze

You'll find it easy to have delicious lunch and dinner meals ready to go. Your meal will taste as if it was just prepared. Simply reheat your evening's choice, and enjoy the free time and the fabulous food. Order your meal plan here!

Chef Paul approaches every occasion with a warm and individually-focused attention unique to the culinary industry. Paul's services include shopping, prepping, serving, and cleaning. Each personal chef service is completely tailored to your specifications and caters to all of your culinary needs.


Services are flexible to suit your needs so contact Chef Paul today!

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